Prawn and Litchi Cocktail

350g Prawns cleaned and peeled⁣
250g Früzo Litchi defrosted⁣
10ml Butter⁣
5ml Olive Oil⁣
60ml Mayonnaise⁣
60ml tomato sauce⁣
5ml Worcestershire Sauce⁣
5ml Whiskey – Optional⁣
Salt and Pepper⁣


  • Make sure Prawns tails are cleaned⁣
  • In a bowl mix together mayonnaise, tomato sauce, Worcestershire⁣
  • sauce, tabasco, whiskey salt, and pepper⁣
  • Heat Butter and Oil in a pan, when hot add the prawn tails and⁣
  • Saute until cooked.⁣
  • Add the prawns and litchi to the sauce⁣
  • Once cool refrigerate

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